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Who inspires me

Today’s prompt asks, Who inspires you? Easy!

Three people came to mind who have one big thing in common: each one is wholly, completely, happily her own self: Amanda Evanston, Kathleen Shannon, and Kristen Ley.

Each of these women is comfortable in her skin. They don't wave off their talents or apologize for their accomplishments, their opinions, or their stories.

Being wholly, completely, happily my own self is what I want most for myself. How lucky to have these sharp, amazing people show us how!

Amanda Evanston is an artist in Evanston, Illinois. Her artwork is bursting with color and energy. She owns a gallery, where she also teaches workshops in person. Amanda has a great instagram account where she posts regularly and is so generous with what she shares. Her fun personality is infectious! She also has online classes that are stellar. She has a way of explaining concepts and demonstrating them that makes them so clear and understandable. Also, the classes are big fun. She is big fun!

Kathleen Shannon is the co-founder and partner in Being Boss, which has a top podcast, retreats, a conference, a book, and a community. I first discovered Kathleen before Being Boss, when she and her sister were co-owners of Braid Creative, a branding firm. Kathleen and her business bestie, Emily Thompson, began the Being Boss podcast and it took off from there, growing into a retreat, their book deal, and now a community and conference.

Kristen Ley is a mentor for creative entrepreneurs, an artist, marketing maven, and business owner in Jackson, Mississippi. She began Thimblepress as a letterpress business and has grown it to include a line of cards for Hallmark Signature, confetti poppers featured in big-name web sites and magazines, jewelry, all kinds of paper goods - wrapping paper, notepads, journals, a planner, napkins, and gorgeous cards. She designs all these products and also does mentoring and speaking. I met Kristen at the Double Decker Arts Festival once and she was so lovely to talk to in person! Just as kind and fun as she is in her IG stories.

They have qualities - creativity, generosity, killer communication skills, kindness - that I choose/want to emulate.

Here’s to them and to all of us out here finding our way.

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