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Paint, play, pecan tree

I took to the backyard (I’ve missed that pecan tree) with paint and got messy the day after we moved our son into the dorm for his freshman year in college. That was a full day.

It wasn’t a bad day. But it was a day that was thoroughly felt.

Lots of unknowns: how does move-in works, will we be in the right line, where will we park, will we get unloaded quickly enough.

Uncertainty is hard on the mind because it keeps you going in loops.

Not to mention the physical exertion. And the heat. And, oh, hey, our only kid is in college now.

I was surprised by how weird I felt the next day. Like, wait - what? What do I do now?

That’s when I got the paint and headed outside. I still don’t know what’s next but it feels better.

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