• keetha403

Obstacle I overcame

For the longest time, I thought everyone had it figured it out. Everyone but me.

I thought they - everyone who appeared confident and successful, knowing and self-assured - knew what they were doing. They didn’t doubt themselves, didn’t hem and haw over decisions, and they never procrastinated.

It’s been REALLY uncomfortable to realize no one feels that way all the time.

All these people I admire for putting their work and themselves out there don’t have a secret I can learn. They just keep going when they’re scared or unsure. They’re brave in the face of self-doubt (no one is mean to us as we are to our own selves) and that’s HARD.

It was hard knowing the next self-help book won’t have the answer. Another online course won’t, either.

I thought, once I get there, I’ll have made it and it won’t be scary. But there’s no “there” there!

May not sound like much, but that’s the biggest obstacle I’ve overcome, that there’s not a secret handbook I’ll earn when I’m good enough. It’s just want-to and follow-through.

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