• keetha403

My art dream

Do you ever play that game where you ask yourself, “If you knew you could not fail, what would you do?” I love this question!

Since I was a kid my answer always is some version of a sun-filled downtown space.

A front door painted mint green with a bell that jingles. A former dress shop with plate glass windows for gorgeous displays and floors of miniature black and white tile. An art studio with tall ceilings and natural light.

There I write and illustrate books (and sell them!).

It’s a shop-studio-workshop space combo. I love the idea of people gathering and making art together. A long farmhouse table set with boxed lunches from a local caterer, art demonstrations and instructions afterward, an afternoon of painting, art journaling.

The retail part open the first weekend of each month with all kinds of crafters, makers, and artisans.

Seasonal workshops on all kinds of stuff: decorating cookies, watercolor, hand lettering, embroidery, book binding, wreath making, flower arranging.

In between we could have occasional theme nights, like a midsummer’s night dinner party or a masquerade party, host book clubs and authors, have guest speakers.

That’s my art dream - making art, sharing art, and creating a space for anyone who wants to enjoy and create art.

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