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Fall Favorites

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

I gathered up some of my go-to autumn favorites - sights, scents, tastes, and reads that get me in that fall state of mind!

It looked like the world was covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon.

From the book description:

It's October in Bascom, North Carolina, and autumn will not go quietly.  As temperatures drop and leaves begin to turn, the Waverley women are made restless by the whims of their mischievous apple tree...and the magic that swirls around it.

I don't know what alchemy is at play, but this candle smells just like woodsmoke. It makes me think of bonfires and cozy dens with fireplaces.

The leaves had fallen from the trees and lay crisp and crackling beneath his feet. Picking one up he marveled, not for the first time, at the perfection of nature where leaves were most beautiful at the very end of their lives.

The Inspector Gamache series may be my very favorite book series ever.

From the book description:

... a trail of clues and treasures— from first editions of Charlotte's Web and Jane Eyre to a spider web with the word "WOE" woven in it—lead the Chief Inspector deep into the woods and across the continent in search of the truth, and finally back to Three Pines as the little village braces for the truth and the final, brutal telling.

I am so excited the first time these make their appearance in the produce section of grocery stores! I all but do a happy dance right there in the aisle. These mean fall is well and truly close.

But you think perhaps you can smell caramel wafting through the evening breeze, beneath the crisp scent of the autumn leaves. A subtle sweetness at the edges of the cold.

From the book description:

The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not. Within the black-and-white striped canvas tents is an utterly unique experience full of breathtaking amazements. It is called Le Cirque des Rêves, and it is only open at night.

Golden Scuppernongs are my favorite - golden bronzy and sweet-tasting. They take me back to late afternoons at my grandad's, walking around what felt like the huge yard while he tended to his garden. He always pulled a few muscadines from the vine growing on the arbor he had made and hand them to us to eat. My brother and I ate them in the late afternoon sun, fallen leaves all around us.

This is my love letter to autumn, my favorite time of year!

It's a booklet full of my watercolor illustrations, thoughts about how awesome autumn is, a few recipes, lists, odes, and essays.

The Fall Daybook is $10.00 and you can get yours here.

The way this cinnamon smells is worth it alone (although it tastes great, too!). The scent is amazing. It's what I use in all my fall and holiday baking. Two thumbs way up.

If I had grown up in that house I couldn't have loved it more, couldn't have been more familiar with the creak of the swing ... or the velvety swell of land as it faded to gray on the horizon, and the strip of highway visible -just barely– in the hills, beyond the trees... Hampden, in subsequent years, would always present itself immediately to my imagination in a confused whirl of white and green and red, so the country house first appeared as a glorious blur of watercolors, of ivory and lapis blue, chestnut and burnt orange and gold, separating only gradually into the boundaries of remembered objects: the house, the sky, the maple trees. But even that day, there on the porch, with Charles beside me and the smell of wood smoke in the air, it had the quality of a memory; there it was, before my eyes, and yet too beautiful to believe.

Finally, one of my favorite fall things is to look around Pinterest and sigh over all the autumn goodness.

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