• keetha403

Different + better

It feels super-weird coming back to posting like, hey, here's some paintings of flowers. I feel like a different person: committed to being a part of change, humbled by how I've inadvertently contributed to hurt and injustice by staying quiet, and emboldened to do better and be better.

While I'm doing that, like I said, here are some flowers. I don't know how to respectfully segue between these two things. That's part of the learning? I think?

I brought in a branch from the pecan tree in my backyard and painted it with ballet-shoe-pink and pressed it onto grey background in an art journal. I kind of love the way it turned out. It probably has the least color of any of the pages and paintings I've made in the last couple of weeks and it's also one of my favorites.

In love with the gorgeous lacy lines of the leaves. Nature is magic.

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